What are the benefits of tree stump removal?

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can help you learn more.

Why is All Metro the best at tree stump removal?

Other stump removal services may only remove the stump, leaving you with all the cleanup. Our stump grinding process is designed to make sure your tree stumps can be cleared and cleaned up without causing any major damage to your yard. All Metro isn’t just a tree and stump removal service – we offer a full variety of property and lawn services. That means we can make sure that your property is fully repaired to meet your standards.

What's the fastest way to remove a tree stump?

While there are a variety of home remedies on the internet, the fastest way to remove a tree stump is to hire a professional and have your stump ground down. Home remedies such as Epsom salt, bleach, or controlled burns can take weeks to produce results, require several applications, and can be harmful to the surrounding area – leaving you with a mess every time! Hiring a professional to quickly grind your tree stump can be done quickly, including cleanup, and doesn’t damage the surrounding areas. 

Is it better to grind a tree stump or remove it?

Tree stump grinding is more efficient, affordable, and less intrusive to the surrounding area in your yard. With grinding, no gaping hole is left on your property and the woodchips can be removed and used for mulching elsewhere. Tree stump removal can cost 2-3 times more than grinding, isn’t as environmentally-friendly, and will leave a large hole in your yard that will require more money and time to fix.

Is it a bad idea to leave a tree stump on my property?

The short answer, yes. Leaving a tree stump to rot in your yard can cause a variety of problems over time. A decomposing stump can attract a variety of pests such as carpenter ants and termites. Over time, invasive plants that can require chemicals to remove, like fungi, can appear along with the tree stump. Aside from the aesthetic appearance, and the possible decrease in home values, leaving a tree stump in your yard to rot can potentially cause you more money to fix than if you were to grind the tree stump down initially.

How long does it take for a tree stump to rot away on its own?

Removing a tree stump from your property varies in cost depending on the size of the project. Things like the diameter of the tree stump and the area it’s located in are all taken into account. All Metro also offers stump grinding with or without cleanup which can also alter the price of your service. And since we’re a full-service lawn care company, we can make sure that the treated area is 100% the way you want it – including new grass, plants, or landscaping. We recommend filling out our form for a tree stump removal specialist to contact you and accurately give you a free quote about the project today. 

How long does it take for a tree stump to rot away?

A large tree stump can take up to 10 years to completely rot away while smaller stumps may rot away in 3-7 years. Nevertheless, leaving a tree stump in your yard can also become a nuisance for mowing, become a safety hazard, and make your home harder to sell in the future. Overall, letting a tree stump rot has a high potential to cause future problems that will cost you more money to fix later on. 

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